Responsive HTML5 theme built using Bootstrap

ENARK was made with easy customization in mind.
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20.000 Users
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Tell Your Story. Catch More Visitors.


Responsive HTML5 theme built using Bootstrap

ENARK was made with easy customization in mind.

Focuses on Your Content !

Flat Design & Clean Structure

for Odoo CMS


Enark is a professional responsive HTML5 theme, built using Bootstrap3, the most popular wdqsdfront-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.


You can change the box color by using the customize option.


Select your favorite font combination to emphase your texts.


It is super easy to resize and/or duplicate each box.


You can even replace the icon by one of your choice.

ENARK Theme Contributors

This Theme was created trough an Indiegogo Campaign.
Thanks to our bakers it was a great success. Odoo CMS reached 677% of its goal with more than 81K.

Impress Your Visitor !

ENARK is made for business and personal purpose

Minimalistic Flat Design

Theme ENARK 
provides a modern and minimalistic flat design and makes you ride the trend

Beautiful Colors

Easily adapt your branding with the six color palettes you can choose with Theme ENARK.

Font Combination

Find the font that suits your business and make your content more accessible.

Modern Layout

Changing your layout is super easy with ENARK. You can switch from full width to boxed.

Without any Technical or Designer Skills

Build your brand identity with Enark

Grow Your Business with Your Website.

Sale Online. Make Opportunities.

Build web pages, create your shop online our edit your first blog post with ENARK Theme for Odoo CMS.

Universal Graphics


You can easily change the background, the colors and the font combination of your website or you a preset.

Save Time. Make Money


Every Building Block has its own options. You can change their style by playing with images, colors and gradients.

New Odoo Bootstrap Theme: ENARK Theme

Enark was made with easy customization in mind.

Beautiful Layout


ENARK is a uniquely designed theme. 
It's super easy to modify and uses advanced LESS/CSS techniques
built on the latest Bootstrap Framework.


More Details

Modern Structure


ENARK is build with easy customization in mind. Out of the box,
you get 6 color schemes and multiple combinations,
from backgronds to fonts.


More Details

Schedule Everything with ENARK Theme

Your Last Activities

With ENARK Theme you get a list of your events with date, time, description, etc. Select the simple or image mode and edit your content.
You can link your events to your favorite social network.

  • Your Event Name

    Write a description of your event here.

  • Your Event Name

    Write a description of your event here.

Tones of Options. Unlimited Possibilities

Customize your website with ease


Enark is designed for mobile first so it looks great and Enark on mobile devices of all sizes.


Create your pages without typing a single line of code. Enark  use a clean and simple HTML structure.


Enjoy the power of LESS/CSS3. Customizing your theme has never been so easy. Make it your own!

ENARK - Bootstrap Theme for Odoo CMS

Made with easy customization in mind.